Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Priorities: God, family, and....chocolate

So, Ash Wednesday is tomorrow and the season of Lent begins. I decided to go vegan (transitioning from vegetarianism). Farewell, green chile cheese enchiladas.....

Tonight I spent a little time experimental cooking and getting my menu prepared for the rest of the week. I really wanted to make vegan chocolate covered peanuts (my version of the famous color-coated milk chocolate peanuts) or agave nectar roasted peanuts (my version of honey roasted peanuts). Unfortunately, I don't have all the ingredients to make a chocolate sauce and agave nectar taste too much like syrup for me to substitute it as honey. I may make a small batch this weekend, but for now I'll have to find another sweet to nibble on.

I did make a delicious stir-fry with portobello mushrooms, tri-color peppers, broccoli, and sprouts. I made the sauce from dijon mustard, sesame oil, Bragg's liquid aminos, agave, nutritional yeast, and some vegetable blend seasoning. I will make a pita sandwhich with the stir fried veggies. Hopefully, this will be my lunch for the rest of the work week.

For dinner, I'm planning on making a concoction of pinto beans, carrots, rice, and a variety of seasonings. So what am I actually going to make from all the cookbooks I have?? Who knows :-)

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